Updates From Gary Braasch

Ever the dedicated photojournalist, the indefatigable Gary Braasch has been hard at work writing, taking new photos, documenting the effects of global warming, and promoting public education.  Updates from his latest newsletter include…

More images and ideas - including climate change effects, science and solutions in the Pacific region:

Recent and upcoming image publications and events:

  • Gary Braasch’s environmental photography was featured in The Bund, Chinese news and photo magazine. The essay on CO2 monitoring was picked up by the excellent website CO2 Now. Current CO2 level is above 392 ppm.
  • Photos of eroding American coastlines are central to the redesigned Koshland Science Museum, National Academy of Science, opening soon.
  • For the upcoming World Meteorological Organization Bulletin, an eleven-page portfolio and article on the urgency of communicating weather and climate events - more on this to come.
  • I will be teaching at the Maine Media Workshops in early July. Excellent for aspiring professionals and leaders in environmental NGOs. Also excellent for NGOs, teachers, and “every citizen” (as Al Gore said).
  • My book Earth Under Fire is now available as an e-book.

Keep up to date with Gary’s ongoing projects with updates here on the Blue Earth blog and on his own website World View of Global Warming.

- Bart J. Cannon, Executive Director

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