FEAR: A Project on Rape and Recovery


Tim Matsui


FEAR is a documentary project combining both photo and radio journalism in a video production to tell personal stories of sexual violence. Not simply an exercise in rape recollection, FEAR documents real people coping with the lasting effects of sexual assault.

Each story is a stand-alone 'chapter' intended as part of an overarching production for the editorial and advocacy markets. Two chapters are currently being distributed to colleges, schools, and clinics by Intermedia, Inc., an educational media company. In these stories we can find our relationship to the violence and hopefully make sense of it.  

FEAR’s goals are to increase dialog about sexual violence and its prevention, to help build a community less likely to commit acts of sexual violence, and to help build a community more supportive of survivors of sexual violence.


A self-employed photojournalist with a list of international clients and publications, Tim's clients include Newsweek, Stern, GEO, Far East Economic Review, Climbing, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Seattle Times, Philips, Lucent, Loudeye, Starbucks, Edgell Communications, McGraw-Hill, and Patagonia.


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Current Projects

3 Millimeters

Photographer: Greg Kahn

Three extra millimeters of water every year will make land vanish. It will swallow communities. It will change environmental habitats forever. For townspeople along the inner-coastal region of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, the impact of sea level rise is no longer an abstract worry debated by politicians. They see the land becoming more saturated beneath their feet.

A Woman's War

Photographer: Elizabeth D. Herman

A Woman's War documents the lives of women engaged in recent conflicts worldwide, as well as thei...

After Chernobyl, After Fukushima

Photographer: Michael Forster Rothbart

Photojournalist Michael Forster Rothbart's work explores the human impacts of environmental chang...

Beauty and the Beast
Wildflowers and Climate Change

Photographer: Rob Badger and Nita Winter

How is climate change impacting wildflower ecosystems on our public lands? What will be lost?


Cameras without Borders
Photography for Healing and Peace

Photographer: Eberhard Riedel

Recurrent racism, tribalism and fundamentalist ideology are tearing apart the human fabric. Over ...

Capturing the Killing Fields

Photographer: Jason Houston

In 1980 MacKenley and Simone Leng fled their native Cambodia, having survived the 1976-1979 Khmer...

Changing Perspectives
Energy in the American West

Photographer: Jamey Stillings

Changing Perspectives is an aerial and ground based examination of large-scale renewable energy d...

Choosing Hope
Reclaiming the Duwamish River

Photographer: Tom Reese

The Duwamish River can be hard to love, but it flows powerfully through the hearts of those who k...

Epidemic - TB in the Global Community

Photographer: David Rochkind

The statistics are alarming.  In 2009, there were 9.4 million new cases of tuberculosis (TB)...

Facing Climate Change

Photographer: Benjamin Drummond with multimedia stories by Sara Joy Steele

Facing Climate Change is a long-term documentary project that tells the story of global change throu...

Fruit of the Orchard to Dying for Profit

Photographer: Tammy Cromer-Campbell

This book is an extended essay, photographed with a Holga camera, on a small African-American com...

Incarcerated Populations
American Prison Perspectives

Photographer: Christoph Gielen

My goal with this project is to combine rarely accessible aerial views of maximum security prison...

La Carretera
Life Along Peru's Interoceanic Highway

Photographer: Roberto (Bear) Guerra

"Highways, of course, alter everything. They change patterns of human settlement, hasten the dest...

Land of the Second Sun
Arctic Nomads of Siberia's Yamal Peninsula

Photographer: Heidi Bradner

Land of the Second Sun documents the unseen and beautiful world of the Nenets, an indigenous peop...

Life Without Lights

Photographer: Peter DiCampo

At a time of mounting uncertainty over the future of energy, it is easy to forget that 1.5 billio...

Louisiana, Purchased

Photographer: Terri Garland

This project examines the consequences of greed and neglect in relation to both the loss of vital...

Niger Delta

Photographer: Samuel James

This project seeks to provide the public with an intimate and nuanced visual record of the ongoin...

Nowhere People

Photographer: Greg Constantine

As multi-ethnic societies continue to reshape cultures around the world, the basic rights afforde...

Our Warming World

Photographer: Daniel Beltrá

My project asks us to consider the landscape as a place we have altered, all while striving to co...

Salvation Fish

Photographer: Paul Colangelo

Salvation Fish is a three-pronged project with the goal of raising the public profile an...

Shadows Of A Revolution

Photographer: Paul Gregory Newman

The fall of Nicolae Ceausescu took place in December of 1989 and the country slowly unraveled. Sh...

Sin & Salvation In Baptist Town

Photographer: Matt Eich

Since early 2010 I have returned to the town of Greenwood, Mississippi to explore the contemporar...

The People of Clouds

Photographer: Matt Black

The People of Clouds documents the unraveling of one the world's oldest farming cultures...

The Truth Told Project

Photographer: Sarah Fretwell

The Truth Told Project was born in December of 2010 when award-winning photographer Sarah Fretwel...


Photographer: Dina Kantor

Treece, Kansas is a former mining town with a population of around 140. Its last mine closed in t...

Wolf Haven

Photographer: Annie Marie Musselman

In the wake of the exotic animal trade, a sanctuary exists in Washington State where wolves are r...

World View of Global Warming

Photographer: Gary Braasch

The goal of World View of Global Warming is to illustrate the physical changes and compelling sci...