Shooting from the Heart is Blue Earth’s self-published resource manual, designed to help photographers develop their personal projects.

Shooting from the Heart (PDF) - 7.5MB

Project Photographer Support
Summary of direct services Blue Earth provides sponsored projects

Resource Directory
Suggested resources for project photographers and others interested in learning about project photography

Photography Organizations
Photography Schools
Indigenous Peoples Organizations

Blue Earth requires project photographers to include a Blue Earth logo at all public events.

The logo must be the following blue at all times:
Pantone: 302 coated, 80 %.
RGB: R51, G107, B136
CMYK: C80, M20, Y0, K40

BEA Logo (TIFF) - 35MB

BEA Logo (JPEG) - 120KB

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News and Events

  • Blue Earth Board Expands

    We happily welcome the following individuals to our board of directors: Thor Radford, Lisa Delfiner Parsons, David Ryder, Drew Stone, Debbie Espinosa, Mandy Lindgren, Tom Lynn, and Karen Ducey. More »

  • PhotoWings Publishes Video on Collaborations

    PhotoWings and Suzie Katz put together a wonderful compilation of interviews they conducted with our presenters during Collaborations for Cause in April. This video perfectly captures the power of collaborative work.

    Creative Collaboration 

    More »

  • Call for Entries:  Summer submission deadline is July 20th, 2016   

    We invite you to submit your work for consideration of Blue Earth sponsorship in our upcoming call for entries.   We are accepting project proposals now through July 20. More »

  • Blue Earth accepts three projects in spring submission

    Three projects have been selected during the spring submission call for entries.  We are excited to bring these strong projects on for sponsorship.   Please visit the project pages to learn more about the people behind the work.  More »

  • Shooting From The Heart: Photography That Makes A Difference

    Need some help creating your own photographic project? Download a free PDF copy of Blue Earth's highly regarded handbook for photographers developing documentary projects, Shooting From The Heart: Photography That Makes A Difference. More »

Featured Projects

  • Richard Steven Street
    Knife Fight City

    More »

  • Katherine Jack
    Palawan Seas

    More »

  • Jake Naughton
    Dual Shadows

    East Africa's LGBT Refugees More »