Bruce ​uses photography to connect conservation, education and human experience. It was during his PhD work in the northern plains – devoted to photographic methods useful in education – that he dedicated himself to his most recent documentary project – illustrating the social and environmental impacts of high-volume, horizontal fracking as a means to extract non-renewable fuels.

As an editorial photographer, Bruce’s feature and assignment credits include National Geographic, Smithsonian and Nature Conservancy magazines. His long-term documentary project “Amazon Headwaters: Locals Working Toward the Global” was also sponsored by the Blue Earth Alliance.

His work is a synthesis of his training in art, science and education. He holds a BS in Field Zoology, an MA in Environmental Education and an Art Education credential from the California State University, with studies in animal behavior and behavioral ecology at Massey University, New Zealand.

Upcoming work on this project will include documentation of long-term environmental exposures ​to workers, farmers and Native American communities and the threat to endangered wildlife and wetlands as pipelines and distribution networks expand.

​Bruce lives in San Mateo, California just south of San Francisco​. Currently he is exhibiting his work and seeking new placements in galleries​ ​and collections​.

Contact him at​ [email protected]