Nita Winter, an international award-winning photographer, began her career documenting her work fighting wildfires in northern California (1977), and later focused on her passion: capturing the San Francisco Bay Area’s rich and diverse culture. Her first (1986) documentary project received extensive media coverage.

“The Children of the Tenderloin” addressed the pressing need for a school and community services for a rapidly growing immigrant population in an “at-risk” San Francisco neighborhood. Her growing body of work on children, families and creating healthy communities illustrated six Children’s Defense Fund calendars (1992-1999). She created images for and produced six major public art projects celebrating the Bay Area’s diverse communities.

Nita’s clients include non-profit agencies, national and international corporations and publications: New York Times, Sesame Street, and Parenting Magazines. In 1995 she joined her partner, photographer Rob Badger, to document our vanishing wildflowers, work that has returned her to her early love of wildflowers and the natural world. Rob Badger and Nita Winter are currently working on their first bookImpressions of Spring: Wildflowers of the West on our Public Lands, a project embodying the unique perspectives and visions of two distinctly different photographers creating a body of work dedicated to the delicate and ephemeral beauty of the natural world.