We are proud to introduce you to three new projects which have been accepted for Blue Earth sponsorship.  We are thrilled to announce these collections of compelling work and would like to congratulate our new project photographers and welcome them to the Blue Earth community.

We would also like to thank our members for helping us continue to support strong visual storytelling such as these bodies of work.  You make this possible!

Please take a moment to visit each project page to meet the sponsored artist and to learn more about the social and environmental issues brought to life through their stunning images.

Ross Island and the Future of the McMurdo Sound Region by Alasdair Turner

“We have entered a time when places the least near us beckon us to understand them, to feel them so that while we tred on our part of the Earth they are constantly with us and with our choices. Ross Island and the McMurdo Sound Region and the science being conducted there embody what is left of our critical and fragile ecosystems and our attempts to understand them. They are not land for a nation but a place for the world.”


Fracking: Forgotten on the Bakken by Bruce Farnsworth

“Traditions of open space and agrarian livelihoods have been disrupted by a flurry of activities associated with the high-volume hydraulic fracturing industry. North Dakota—situated on the Bakken geologic formation—is now the second highest oil-producing state in the nation.”

Between River and Sea – Michael Hanson

“For over a century, an independent, hand-built industry has drifted through the shallow waters of the Apalachicola Bay. This bay, one of the most productive and unique ecosystems in the country, once produced 10% of the nation’s oysters and 90% of Florida’s. Today, only a handful of oystermen have work and this community struggles to maintain its tradition and livelihood.”

The next open call for new project submissions is July 20th, 2015