Blue Earth Alliance is currently accepting new project proposals through the end of March. We are seeking applications from visual storytellers who are ready to take advantage of Blue Earth Alliance’s fiscal sponsorship program.

As a reminder, BEA does not fund projects directly. Our project photographers and filmmakers are authorized to seek grants and charitable (tax-deductible) donations to fund their active documentary projects.

For more information about fiscal sponsorship through Blue Earth Alliance, and to read our submission guidelines, please follow this link:

Join Us for a Fiscal Sponsorship Info Session

We will host an information session about our fiscal sponsorship program this Wednesday, March 17, 2021, from 5-5:30pm Pacific Time. Whether you are considering applying for fiscal sponsorship during our Spring application period—which closes March 31—or are curious about fiscal sponsorship and how it can help you with a current or upcoming project, you are welcome to join us to learn more about Blue Earth Alliance.

To join our video conference, please use the following link: Blue Earth Alliance Fiscal Sponsorship Information Session