Blue Earth is sustained by the dedication and passion of a volunteer board of directors. Last week we connected for a short retreat to speak about the upcoming year and to map out the future of Blue Earth.  During the retreat, we heard fresh perspectives from our 8 new board members.   We happily welcome the following individuals to our board of directors:

Thor Radford, Lisa Delfiner Parsons, David Ryder, Drew Stone, Debbie Espinosa, Mandy Lindgren, Tom Lynn, and Karen Ducey.

Our new members join the existing board:

Natalie Fobes, Gary Halpern, Rebecca Kaplan, Kaylyn Messer, Kristie McLean, Kevin Owyang, Russell Sparkman, and Kris Krüg.

The entire board would like to express our gratitude to each of our audience members for your continued support of Blue Earth!