Blue Earth Alliance, Wildfire Media and The University of Oregon have teamed up to explore the role of collaboration in documentary photography.

Scott Brennan and Jamie Rose spoke Saturday, September 21, at the University of Oregon- Portland White Stag Building (70 NW Couch Street)

Scott Brennan leads the Blue Earth Alliance Project “Indigenous Autonomy in Mexico.” He works as a documentary photographer and photojournalist in Mexico, documenting the struggles of indigenous communities in Latin America as they fight to defend their territories and their way of life.

Scott shared examples of collaboration in his work with semi-autonomous, indigenous communities. He captures towns that have risen up in arms against those threatening their ancient traditions and homelands. He has successfully embedded himself in three indigenous communities, which are often suspicious of outsiders.

Jamie Rose is co-Founder and COO of Momenta Group, LLC, which owns Momenta Workshops, Momenta Creative, and manages Wildfire Media, a nonprofit dedicated to documentary storytelling. Her early career was spent in the halls of power as a Press Corps photojournalist covering Capitol Hill and the White House, primarily as a contractor for The New York Times.

Jamie shared stories and images from her career spanning more than two decades in photography. She shared insights on deciding when to take a big leap in your career and ways to build your network of peers and clients.

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