Greg Kahn

Greg Kahn (b. 1981) is an American documentary photographer. Kahn grew up in a small coastal town in Rhode Island, and attended The …

Global Warming

About 3 Millimeters

Three extra millimeters of water every year will make land vanish.

It will swallow communities. It will change environmental habitats forever. For townspeople along the inner-coastal region of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, the impact of sea level rise is no longer an abstract worry debated by politicians. They see the land becoming more saturated beneath their feet. 3 Millimeters explores the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where the sea level is rising at twice the global average – a process without emergency brakes.

The project considers how a community’s identity, ever tied to the land, is evolving. It’s not the swift impact of a storm, but a slow drowning of a culture. These photographs depict the last breaths of a community as they are forced to adapt to the smallest but most devastating tidal wave.