Faith Haney

Faith spent her early years jumping between careers as an archaeologist, scientific illustrator, graphic designer, and video product…


About Arctic Mix Documentary

Arctic sea ice is melting quicker than scientific models have predicted. In an effort to uncover the sources behind this discrepancy, a seagoing expedition composed of scientific teams from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of Washington Applied Physics Lab, and members from other international universities embarked on a mission to conduct research in the Arctic in the fall of 2015. I joined the team as the expedition videographer, and produced videos on-the-fly to support the mission and tell the world what we were doing.

Now, just over three years later, as the research and science that was conducted on the cruise has been analyzed and is coming to light, I am producing a 20-40 minute documentary to tell the story of the cruise, and deliver the process, personalities, and revelations to the public at large. My intention with this video is to not only show the science involved in developing accurate Climate Change models, but also to illustrate an oddly magical place (the Arctic), reveal a day-in-the-life on a seagoing expedition, and demonstrate the real people and personalities that are “scientists.” My vision is to produce a visually compelling piece that will marry an observation of science with sparse emotional spaces driven by music and imagery. I want the viewer to gain an understanding of the science, develop a connection with the scientists, and walk away with a renewed passion to protect our planet.