Jamey Stillings

Jamey Stillings' career spans documentary, fine art and commercial projects. He holds a BA in Art from Willamette University, an MFA…

Energy Development

About Changing Perspectives: Renewable Energy and the Shifting Human Landscape

CHANGING PERSPECTIVES is the working title for a connected set of aerial and ground-based photography projects documenting important renewable energy development around the world.

Renewable energy development will play an essential role in humankind’s long-term survival and the ultimate viability of our global ecosystem. Utility-scale projects, those that add significant power to the electrical grid, manifest a positive shift away from a society dependent upon coal, petroleum, and nuclear power sources.

Yet, such projects frequently raise challenging questions about land and resource use, wildlife protection, impact on local communities and respect for cultural sacred sites. This project seeks to foster a clearer understanding of large-scale renewable energy projects and be a constructive pro-active voice for responsible energy development.