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About Choosing Hope: Reclaiming the Duwamish River

The Duwamish River can be hard to love, but it flows powerfully through the hearts of those who know it well.

The Duwamish is one of earth’s vital arteries conveying lifeblood from mountains to the sea, so it can be difficult to accept that its lower 5½ -mile stretch has been turned into one of the most toxic waste environments in the United States – an industrial sewage canal flowing out past the scenic waterfront of Seattle. It would be easy to turn away feeling depressed and helpless, but a growing number of people are choosing to believe in the recovery of this river and are working relentlessly toward that future.

Their vision has motivated the first successes in reducing water pollution and restoring habitat, wildlife, and hope. The larger question for the river is also the essential human question of our time: “What relationship do we choose to have with our home, the natural world?”