Jake Naughton

Jake Naughton is a visual journalist working on stories about issues of identity. He is a frequent contributor to The New York Times…


About Dual Shadows: East Aftrica’s LGBT Refugees

Dual Shadows explores the lives of LGBTQ refugees in East Africa, from their countries of origin, to purgatory in Kenya, to lives as resettled refugees in America.

Uganda is infamous for its anti-gay legislation, but LGBTQ people across the region are beaten, persecuted and killed by officials, neighbors and sometimes their own families.

For many LGBTQ people, the only choice is to flee to Kenya, where, despite the country’s liberal reputation, options are bleak: Nairobi, where rents are high, refugees are forbidden from working and life is unsafe, or Kakuma, a sprawling and inhospitable refugee camp that is a far cry from the urban middle-class life many of the LGBTQ refugees are used to. After months or years of limbo, most are resettled in the West. Safety concerns may fade away, but resettled refugees are strangers in a strange land, and the adjustment presents a new set of challenges.