Richard Street

Richard Steven Street is an academically-trained historian, fluent in the commercial and journalistic idioms, who deliberately veere…


About Knife Fight City and the Kingdom of Dust

Knife Fight City and the Kingdom of Dust explores an unacknowledged variety of American apartheid in Huron, poorest town in California, where an American peasantry slaves for industrialized agriculture in a giant farm labor exploitation camp. Huron does not have a newspaper, Burger King, Little League, high school, or Chamber of Commerce; it does have six labor camps, 5 bars, and two gangs, the Norteños and Bulldogs, who shoot one another on site and vie for control of the drug trade. Located in the southwestern corner of Fresno County, the richest agricultural county on the planet, Huron’s politics are bloody – one mayor had his automobile shot up by an AK-47; a councilwoman’s home was bombed; another mayor died in prison. Huron is the only town in Westlands Water District (WWD), whose multibillion dollar corporate empires are the antithesis of the settled, family- oriented landscape that originally justified the Roman Aqueduct-sized canal that irrigates surrounding farms.