Nathan Weyland

I am a 15 year resident of the Bay Area with a bachelors degree in Photojournalism from San Francisco State University. I work on pe…


About Managing Scarcity

California’s drought began to make the headlines during my last semester at San Francisco State University. I skipped my graduation ceremony and hopped a train to Fresno. There, aside a dusty reservoir, agriculture workers gathered and protested to protect their livelihoods. That was 2008. Since, and throughout my professional career, I have documented the complex inter-play of labor rights, agribusiness, small business, state subsidies and environmental science that shape Californian’s access to water. The problem began with the dream: a dream of the American West in which California — the gleaming, central jewel — provided land, with rich deep soil and few to no pests, in which anything could grow, all year long. Just add water.