David Moskowitz

David Moskowitz is the author of two books,Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest and Wolves in the Land of Salmon. As a biologist, photo…

Endangered Species

About Mountain Caribou Initiative: A visual journey into the imperiled world of an endangered species

The alpine kingdom of mountain caribou in western Canada and the northwestern United States is crumbling around these beautiful and sensitive creatures. As their habitat has been steadily altered or destroyed by human activities, mountain caribou have been declining rapidly.

Unsure whether this project will be documentation of the end of a distinct ecotype of caribou or a step towards inspiring the change in human behavior needed to save these animals, David Moskowitz set out to explore the world of these reclusive animals across the Selkirk, Columbia and Rocky mountains. What he has discovered is a compelling and complicated story, playing out in a strikingly beautiful yet deeply scarred landscape.

It is a story that defies easy answers for the problems people have created and one that illuminates the complicated web of ecological relationships which humans have altered in ways not easily undone. For more information on David’s project, visit:Mountain Caribou Initiative.