Greg Constantine

American/Canadian documentary photographer Greg Constantine has been drawn to stories that focus on those who have been neglected, f…


About Nowhere People

As multi-ethnic societies continue to reshape cultures around the world, the basic rights afforded from citizenship have never been more vital to one’s participation and security in society. Yet, many States and people in power use the denial of citizenship to exclude those who they feel threaten their interests and national identity. To add, States are using detention more and more as a permanent part of their immigration policy, which sees refugees, asylum seekers and stateless people being arbitrarily detained for long periods of time.

For ethnic minorities, this fundamental right has never been more fragile and at risk. Stateless people belong to no country, are refused most social, civil and economic rights and are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Statelessness removes them from the protection of laws and leaves them defenseless against social injustices and human rights abuses. Nowhere People is a ten-year exploration into this under-reported global phenomenon. It investigates the repercussions statelessness has on individuals and communities. Recently, this project has been expanded to take a hard look at the trauma and impact immigration detention has on vulnerable people around the world.