Katherine Jack

Katherine Jack (b. 1979, London) is a British photographer living in Palawan, Philippines since 2004. Her work explores our changing…


About Palawan Seas

A baby sleeps peacefully in a house on the shores of Liberty Cabilao, a community of migrant fisherfolk from Mindanao and Bohol.

We know that our marine environment is changing the world over. What about the cultures that form part of these ecosystems? Palawan Seas is an on-going photographic project to document relationships between people and the sea in Palawan, Philippines. Palawan harbors 50 percent of all coral species and is home to an ancient seafaring culture.

Palawan is a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, a place designed for the population to live in harmony with nature. However, despite laws to preserve the balance, marine resources and traditional cultures are under strain. Currently 75 percent of fishing grounds in the Philippines are overfished. Through photographic images Palawan Seas aims to provide a link back through time and a vital thread of hope for the future. The project mission is to raise awareness of marine conservation issues on a variety of levels, engaging the local residents of Palawan as well as international audiences.