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Immigration detention

About Seven Doors

After spending the past twelve years working on the project Nowhere People, this next phase of the project expands the work to use photography, multimedia and other forms of visual storytelling to expose the impact of immigration detention on stateless people as well as migrants, refugees and asylum seekers around the world.

Much of the public image depicting immigration detention has presented a limited view: bars, barbed wire and menacing detention facilities. With the human impact of immigration detention still in the dark, this expansion of my work aims to construct an alternative, humanized visual representation of this issue. Statelessness denies individuals documents and protection from their home governments, often resulting in years of detention in immigration facilities. The project will consist primarily of visual and multimedia stories created outside the walls of detention centers. This includes stories of the formerly detained that express the trauma experienced in detention, the fear of being returned to detention and the residual effects of detention on their lives. Through short multimedia pieces, the project will profile families in limbo as loved ones linger in detention.

When assembled together, the visual and multimedia stories will expose the darker, more private, psychological cost detention has on men, women, children, families and communities. I believe the project will provide a unique window into the lived experiences of those stateless people, refugees and asylum seekers who are actually in detention yet inaccessible and shut off from the world. More importantly, I believe it will act as a bridge toward understanding how the policies of immigration detention deprive individuals from the positive contributions they can make to society. Significant work for the project has already been conducted in Malaysia, the UK and the United States. In 2019 and 2020, work will expand in the US, Mexico, through areas of Europe, Central America and Thailand.