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Originally from Wisconsin, Mark Kauzlarich is a New York City based documentary photographer, National Geographic Explorer, contribu…

Rural isolation

About The McFarthest Place

“The McFarthest Place” gives insight into the social and economic burden population loss in one of the American Midwest’s most rural places. This project uses intimate and timeless images from the Great Plains and agrarian life combined with modern GPS mapping to convey the difficulties of rural isolation that drive population loss. By one measure, Meadow, SD is the most rural town in America. In 2009, a nearby spot was the farthest place in the continental U.S.from a McDonald’s. While the 80.8% of Americans in urban areas have quick accessibility to goods and services, symbolized by the ubiquitous McDonald’s, here you are 145 miles in any direction from the iconic restaurant. More importantly, specialized medical care, inexpensive groceries, and often jobs are scarce if nonexistent. And while people here attempt to lean on each other to survive, Perkins County, where Meadow is located, has lost 73.7% of its population since 1910