Blue Earth photographer Omar Attum’s book on the Sinai Wilderness has been published by The American University in Cairo Press.


Sinai’s allure is legendary. Its spectacular landscapes, thriving flora and fauna, and unique history, the store of centuries, have long held sway in the imagination of millions. The high mountains and wadis of the peninsula’s south provide the fertile soil that feeds so
me of Egypt’s highest diversity of plants, while foxes, vipers, lizards, and tortoises are just some of the animals that make their home in the north, which is characterized by lagoons and vast dunes of soft sand. Sinai: Landscape and Nature in Egypt’s Wilderness transports us to the haunting grandeur of this peninsula with 150 breathtaking full-color photographs.

Omar Attum’s discerning eye shows us blood-red mountains, animals in natural repose and habitat, solitary trees and flowers, and fugitive strips of water, conveying stark beauty and enormous vulnerability, an abundance of life yet utter, devastating peace.

The photographs are accompanied by an evocative introduction by Attum to Sinai’s wildlife and landscape. This book is a result of multiple expeditions, camping trips, and extended backpacking journeys, during a thirteen-year span in which he started to seriously photograph Sinai in 2000. Some of the backpacking trips involved hikes as long as 170 km.”

Omar will be donating 20% of the proceeds towards conservation of wildlife in Sinai.