We are delighted to announce the addition of several new Blue Earth Alliance projects to our fiscal sponsorship program. Whether through photography or film, each of these projects aims to create conversation and shape our understanding of some truly unique, fascinating and critical environmental and social narratives unfolding in our world today. Below are some brief descriptions of the projects. We encourage you to use the links to learn more about these stories and the creators behind them.

Losing Ground by Ben Depp

Cyanobacteria algae in wetlands near Montegut, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.

Cyanobacteria algae in wetlands near Montegut, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. Photo © Ben Depp

With a powered paraglider, photographer Ben Depp flies between ten and ten-thousand feet above the ground, making photographs that capture the imagination and document fragile coastal ecosystems across the southern United States. More…

Saving the Homestake by Steven DeWitt

Aerial view of the Homestake Valley with the Sawatch Mountain Range on the horizon.

Aerial view of the Homestake Valley with the Sawatch Mountain Range on the horizon. © Steven DeWitt

“Saving the Homestake” is a documentary film about the fight to protect a rare wetland ecosystem in Colorado’s Eagle River watershed from destruction. In telling the story of a proposed dam construction project in Colorado’s Homestake Valley, “Saving the Homestake” highlights how historic water rights and the growing demand for water from exploding populations in the American Southwest exacerbates the climate crisis by threatening the very ecosystems that can save us. More…

Lost In Sight: In Search of The Flint’s Headwaters by Virginie Kippelen

Hannah Palmer, Atlanta southside native, author and coordinator of the non-profit Finding the Flint, looks down the storm drain to see the water running at Virginia Crossings, in downtown East Point. Photo © Virginie Kippelen

The Flint river flows through the hills of the Georgia Piedmont all the way to the Florida Panhandle. Yet, few people know that its headwater streams emerge from beneath Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, famously known as one of the busiest airport in the nation. This project attempts to restore a visual identity to a river whose origin has been lost in sight, and asks the viewer to acknowledge the dangerous human infatuation with controlling and managing nature to its needs. More…

Newfoundland Global Warming, Climate Change and The Fishing Industry Impact by Paul Marotta

The rapidly eroding cliffs of Gay Head Martha’s Vineyard

The rapidly eroding cliffs of Gay Head Martha’s Vineyard, a federally protected landmark and once home to countless nude bathers who covered themselves in the cliff’s mud clay, is now closed to the public. PHOTO © Paul Marotta/Getty Images

In the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canadas east, sea levels are rising from greater iceberg flows in the spring of every year. Warming waters effect the growth of algae and alter maturation rates of sea life, and generally increase pressure on local waters. Botany, animal wildlife, various fish anomalies, rates of change, visual clues, icebergs, communities, artisan trades, shifting shorelines, water temperatures and more are all key indicators of global warming. This project will document the effects of climate change on the Newfoundland community and once-thriving fisheries. More…

Threshold by Samantha Schwann

Underwater image of a silky shark mating aggregation

ROV “Neptune 1” documents the annual silky shark mating aggregation near an underwater seamount in the Gulf of California.

“Threshold” is a photographic project that blends exploration, science and conservation to understand why sharks migrate annually to an ecologically unique area in the Gulf of California recognized as a Hope Spot—an area with the ability to impact global ocean health. Working with a small team of local shark scientists and conservationists from Mexico Azul and Cabo Shark Dive, and utilizing sound and underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs), the project documents the activity in critical shark habitat beyond the reach of traditional underwater photography. More…

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